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Great News! The Niagara USA Discovery Pass is now available for purchase. They are valid May 25-October 19, 2016. Purchase in park or here

Also, please be aware that restoration work at Terrapin Point is underway and access is restricted. The work includes the installation of new railings, lighting, benches and other park furnishings as well as new pavers and landscaping. Additionally, when work is complete in the summer of 2016, Terrapin Point will be fully ADA-accessible. For more information on this project, please see

For details and answers to frequently asked questions on the NY Works projects affecting Niagara Falls State Park, please see the following resources:
- Our Landscape Improvement Plan

Prospect Street & Old Falls Street
Niagara Falls, NY 14303
Latitude 43.081528
Longitude -79.064240

Get closer to America's Oldest State Park at Niagara Falls State Park! Find out for yourself why millions of visitors are drawn to this magnificent natural wonder every year. 


Today's experience is by far the most memorable ever – largely because of the enhanced access to the history, geology and beauty of this special place. Visitors can witness the intensity of the falls from mere inches away at the Cave of the Winds tour, cruise the powerful churning waters at the base of the falls on a Maid of the Mist boat ride, learn more about the region's natural history at the Niagara Gorge Discovery Center, meet the legends and marvel at the myths at the Niagara Adventure Theater, enjoy jaw-dropping views from the Observation Tower, and check out the antics of the sea lions and penguins at the Niagara Aquarium. Take a break and enjoy a ride on the Niagara Scenic Trolley or grab a bite at the Top of the Falls restaurant on Goat Island with its commanding views of the Horseshoe Falls. Visit  for more information on America's Oldest State Park!

Don't miss these popular destinations and attractions within or near the park:

  • Visitors Center – The Great Lakes Garden greets visitors up a pathway to the park's Visitors Center which offers information, savings passes, exhibits and easy access to gift shops and refreshments.
  • Niagara Scenic Trolley – Aboard this environmentally-friendly trolley, you can enjoy a three-mile 30-minute guided overview of the park, or disembark at the various stops and explore the park's many attractions.
  • Cave of the Winds – Explore beneath the American Falls, navigating under the falls to the famous Hurricane Deck. Those rain ponchos you see aren't optional – you'll be surrounded by the thundering power of water cascading down. Save your footwear and take advantage of the souvenir sandals!
  • Maid of the Mist – This world famous boat journey departs from the base of the Observation Tower at Prospect Point for a roundtrip into the churning waters of the American and Horseshoe Falls.
  • Niagara Gorge Discovery Center – With hands-on learning for all ages, the Discovery Center includes interactive displays and a multi-screen theater showing 12,000 years of the Niagara River.
  • Observation Tower – This 230-foot overlook provides the only U.S. location to view both the American and Horseshoe Falls. High-speed elevators provide access to the Gorge and boarding area for the Maid of the Mist.
  • Niagara Legends of Adventure Theatre – Located on the lower level of the Visitors Center, see the film that takes you from the historic to the heroic in a re-creation of legends and real life.
  • Niagara Aquarium – Located near the park's Discovery Center, this family favorite is home to more than 1,500 aquatic animals that represent ecosystems ranging from the Great Lakes to coral reefs.

Purchase a Discovery Pass and save up to 29% off regular priced admissions. Five great attractions (Maid of the Mist, Cave of the Winds, Niagara the Movie, Discovery Center and the Aquarium) all for one price: Adults $45.00 and Children 6-12 $34.00. Purchase online at   

Don't miss the falls at night when they are lit! Illumination & Fireworks Schedules

Niagara Falls State Park Landscape Improvement Plans

Household pets only; caged or on a leash not more than 6 feet. Not allowed in buildings or on improved walkways and boardwalks.

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1132Niagara Falls, NY 14303

Hours of Operation

  • Park & visitor center are open year round

    Niagara USA Discovery Pass: Valid mid-May - mid-October
  • Maid of the Mist: (716) 284-8897 

    April 2 – May 20:
    Weekdays 9 am-5 pm, Weekends 9 am-6 pm

    Victoria Day
    May 21- May 22: 9 am-6 pm

    May 23-27:
    9 am – 6 pm

    Saturday, May 28: 9 am- 8 pm
    Sunday, May 29: 9 am- 8 pm
    Monday, May 30: 9 am- 6 pm

    May 31-June 17
    Sunday-Friday: 9 am- 6 pm

    June 18-August 8:
    9 am- 8 pm

    August 9-August 28:
    9 am-7:30 pm

    August 29-September 4: 
    9 am- 7:15 pm

    Monday- September 5:
    9 am- 5 pm
    September 5- October 3:
    Weekdays 9 am-5 pm, Weekends 9 am-6 pm

    October 4-October 31
    9 am-5 pm

    November 1-November 6
    10 am-4pm

  • Niagara Falls State Park Visitor Center, (716) 278-1796

    April 2-May 4

    May 5-June 15
    Sunday-Thursday: 8am-6pm
    Friday-Saturday: 8am-9pm

    June 16-Sept. 5
    Sunday-Thursday: 8am-9pm
    Friday-Saturday: 8am-10pm

    September 6-October 10
    Sunday-Thursday: 8am-6pm
    Friday-Saturday: 8am-9pm

    October 11 - April 1, 2017

    Holiday Hours (normal hours unless noted)

    Memorial Day Weekend
    Friday (5/27) - Sunday (5/29): 8am-10pm
    Monday (5/30): 8am- 8pm

    Fourth of July Weekend
    Friday (7/1) - Monday (7/4): 8am-11pm

    Labor Day Weekend
    Friday (9/2) - Sunday (9/4): 8am-11pm
    Monday (9/5): 8am-7pm

    Columbus Day Weekend
    Friday (10/7) - Sunday (10/9): 8am-9pm
    Monday (10/10): 8am-7pm

    Christmas Eve

    Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Years Day.
  • Cave of the Winds, (716) 278-1730

    Open date (TBD) - May 19
    Daily: 9am-5pm

    May 20-June 15
    Sunday-Friday: 9am-7pm
    Saturday: 9am-9pm

    June 16 - September 4
    Sunday - Thursday: 9am-9pm
    Friday & Saturday: 9am-10pm

    September 5 - October 9
    Sunday-Friday: 9am-7pm
    Saturday: 9am-9pm

    October 10-October 19
    Daily: 9am-5pm

    Holiday Hours (normal hours unless noted)

    Memorial Day Weekend
    5/27: 9am-9pm
    5/28: 9am-10pm
    5/29-5/30: 9am-9pm

    Fourth of July Weekend
    7/1: 9am-10pm
    7/2: 9am-10pm
    7/3: 9am-10pm
    7/4: 9am-9pm

    Labor Day Weekend
    9/2: 9am-10pm
    9/3: 9am-10pm
    9/4: 8am-7pm
    9/5: 9am-7pm

    Columbus Day Weekend
    10/7: 9am-9pm
    10/8: 9am-9pm
    10/9: 9am-7pm
    10/10: 9am-5pm

    Closed Thanksgiving.
  • Abbreviated Cave of the Winds Trip: Does not include the lower decks, just the observation platforms. A dryer experience!

    Spring Trip
    April-May 18: 9am-4:45pm

    Fall trip
    October 20-November 27: 9am-4:45pm

    Closed Thanksgiving

  • Niagara Gorge Discovery Center: (716) 278-1070

    May 7 -June 15
    Weekends only 9 am- 5pm

    June 16-September 5
    Sunday-Thursday 9 am -5 pm
    Friday & Saturday 9 am-7 pm

    September 6-October 16
    Weekends 9 am- 5 pm

    HOLIDAY WEEKEND HOURS (normal hours unless noted)

    Memorial Day Weekend
    Friday (5/27) -Sunday(5/29) 9 am- 7 pm
    Monday (5/30) 9 am- 5 pm

    Fourth of July Weekend
    Friday (7/1) – Monday (7/4) 9 am - 8 pm
    Labor Day
    Friday (9/2)-Sunday (9/4) 9am – 7 pm
    Monday (9/5) 9am – 5pm

    Columbus Day
    Friday (10/7) - Sunday (10/10) 9am – 5pm
    Monday (10/11) Closed for year
  • Niagara Gorge Adventure Hikes For Groups: May to mid-November. Please call (716) 285-0516 to schedule.
  • Niagara Adventure Theater: 1-866-750-4629

    March 12th – April 30th
    10:15 am – 4:15pm Daily

    May 1st - June 15th
    Sunday through Friday 9:30 am - 5pm
    Saturday 9:30 am - 8pm

    June 16th – September 4th
    Sunday through Thursday 9:30 am - 8pm
    Friday & Saturday 9:30am- 8:45pm

    September 5th - October 9th
    Sunday through Friday 9:30 am - 5pm
    Saturday 9:30am - 8pm

    October 10th - October 31st
    Daily 9:30 am - 5pm

    Nov. 1st - December 31st
    Daily 10:15 am – 4:15pm.

  • Niagara Scenic Trolley: 716-278-1730

    Cave open date-May 12
    Daily 9 am-5:30 pm

    May 12-May 19
    Daily 9am-5:30pm

    May 20-June 15
    Sunday-Thursday 9 am -7:30 pm
    Friday & Saturday 9 am- 9:30 pm

    June 16- September 4
    Sunday-Thursday 9 am -9:30 pm
    Friday & Saturday 9 am-10:30 pm

    September 5-October 9
    Sunday-Thursday 9 am -7:30 pm
    Friday & Saturday 9 am-9:30 pm

    October 10-October 19
    Daily 9 am-5:30 pm

    October 20-November 27
    Daily 9 am – 5 pm

    HOLIDAY WEEKEND HOURS (normal hours unless noted)*

    Memorial Day Weekend
    Friday (5/27)- Saturday(5/28) 9 am- 10:30 pm
    Sunday (5/29)-Monday (5/30) 9 am – 9:30 pm

    Fourth of July Weekend
    Friday (7/1)-Saturday (7/2) 9 am- 10:30 pm
    Sunday (7/3)- Monday (7/4) 9 am- 9:30 am

    Labor Day Weekend
    Friday (9/2)-Saturday (9/3) 9 am -10:30 pm
    Sunday (9/4) 9 am- 9:30 pm
    Monday (9/5) 9 am- 7:30 pm

    Columbus Day Weekend
    Friday (10/7) 9 am – 9:30 pm
    Saturday(10/8) 9 am – 9:30 pm
    Sunday (10/9) 9 am- 7:30 pm
    Monday (10/10) 9am-5:30pm

    Thanksgiving Thursday (11/24) CLOSED

    Thursday (12/24) 9am-3pm
    Friday ( 12/25) CLOSED

    New Years CLOSED

    *The trolley runs 1 hour after the Cave closes during all holidays.

  • Aquarium of Niagara: 716-285-3575

    May - June 24: 9am - 5pm (last admission at 4:30pm)
    June 25 - Labor Day: 9am - 6:00pm (last admission at 5:30pm)

    ***On July 22 and August 26th the Aquarium will have extended hours until 10pm with last admission sold at 9pm

    Memorial Day Weekend
    Saturday (5/28) & Sunday (5/29): 9am - 6:00pm
  • Falls Illumination Dates & Times:

    April 1 – April 30: 8:30 p.m.- 11:00 p.m.

    May 1 – August 11: 9pm-Midnight

    August 12 – September 30: 8:30pm-Midnight

    October 1 – October 31: 7pm-Midnight

    November 1 – December 30: 5:00pm – Midnight

    December 31: 5pm-1am

  • Fireworks
    Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday night (May 1-October 31) and select holidays including Victoria Day, Memorial Day, Canada Day, US Independence Day and Canadian Civic Holiday
  • Food & refreshments available at: Top of the Falls Restaurant, Prospect Point Cafe, Visitor Center Coffee Shop, Cave of the Winds Snack Bar.
  • Vehicle Use:

    Parking Lot #3 Goat Island

    May 26- September 5
    Daily, 9 am-5 pm
  • Top of the Falls Restaurant (716) 278-0340

    May 2- May 3
    11am- 4 pm

    May 8-May 10
    11am- 4 pm

    May 15- May 17
    11am- 4 pm

    May 22-May 24
    11am- 9 pm

    May 25-June 18
    Sunday-Thursday 11am- 4 pm
    Friday and Saturday 11am- 5 pm

    June 19- September 6
    Monday-Thursday 11am- 9 pm
    Friday –Sunday 11am- 10 pm

    September 7
    11am- 4 pm

    September 8- September 27
    Friday thru Sunday 11am- 4 pm (Closed Monday-Thursday)

Fees & Rates

Most New York State Parks charge a vehicle use fee to enter the facility. Fees vary by location and season. A list of entry fees and other park use fees is available below. For fees not listed or to verify information, please contact the park directly.

Your key to all season enjoyment of state parks is our season's pass. For $65, the Empire Passport provides you unlimited day use vehicle entry into most of our parks. Apply on-line or call your favorite park for more information.

  • Connect Kids- 4th Grade Entry Program
  • Special Note: Visitors to Niagara Falls State Park must either locate the lot attendant or bring their parking ticket and pass to the Visitor Center (for Lot 1) or the Cave of the Winds Plaza Ticketing/Information window (for Lot 2) to have it validated for the free parking.
  • Niagara USA Discovery Pass
  • Save up to 29% on ala cart prices on admission to the Cave of the Winds, Maid of the Mist, Niagara Adventure Theater, Gorge Discovery Center, Aquarium of Niagara, and all day transportation on the Niagara Scenic Trolley.

    Buy in the park, online, or at select locations around downtown Niagara Falls!
    Valid: May 25-October 19, 2016

    Adult: $45
    Child (6-12): $34
    5 yrs. & under: Free
  • Cave of the Winds Gorge Trip: (716)-278-1730
  • Adult: $17
    Youth (6-12): $14
    Group rate: $11
    Educational Group Rate: $9

    Abbreviated Trip (This does not include the lower decks, just the observation platforms. You can still view the Falls, but it will be a dryer experience!)

    Available: April-May 18
    October 20-November 27 / Closed Thanksgiving

    Adults: $7
    Children: $5
  • Maid of the Mist Boat Tour #(716)-284-8897
  • Adult: $18.25
    Youth (6-12): $10.65
    Adult Group Rate: $16.45
    Adult Net Rate: $14.60 
    (authorized travel agent and tour operators only)
    FIT: $14.60
    Observation Tower: $1
    Educational Group Rate: Grades 1-8: $10.15, Grades 9-12: $10.65
    (Educational rates valid only from opening- June 30 and Sept. 6-Nov 6.)

    No group rate for children under 5 years old. Groups of children 5 and under must be accompanied by 1 adult for every 4 children.

    Complimentary Policy:
    Adult group: 1 complimentary for every 20
    Educational: 1 complimentary for every 15 students
  • Aquarium of Niagara
  • Adults: $13
    Seniors: $11.25
    Children (3-12 years): $9.00
  • Niagara Adventure Theater
  • Adult $12
    Seniors $9
    Child (6-12) $8
    5 & Under Free (must be accompanied by a guardian)

    Group Prices
    Tour Operator Rate: $7 per person
    Adult Social Group (ex. church group or a family group): $7.50 per person
    Educational Group (20 or more): $5.00 per student
    Youth Social Group (ex. scouts, camps) $5.50 per person

    Complimentary Policy
    Driver or escort receives complimentary admission with 20 paid passengers
    Educational - one complimentary adult admission per 10 paid sudents, the driver and escort are included as part of these complimentary tickets
  • Niagara Gorge Discovery Center
  • $3 Adult
    $2 Child (6-12 yrs)
    $2 Non-Profit Group
    $2 Educational Group Rate
    $3 Commercial Tour
  • Niagara Gorge Discovery Center Picnic Shelter
  • Please call (716) 278-1762 for details.
  • Niagara Scenic Trolley
  • Adults: $3
    Youth: $2 (6-12)
    Group Rate: N/A
    Educational Group Rate: N/A
  • Park & Outreach Group Programs and Hikes
  • $30, up to 35 people
    $60, 36-65 people
    $105, 66-100 people
    Each additional person over 100 is $1 each
  • Vehicle Entrance Fee
  • Parking: Prospect Point - Lot 1 Open year round
    Parking Lot 1
    Cars $10. No Bus Parking

    Parking: Goat Island - Lot 2
    Cars: $10
    Commercial Tour Bus $35
    Non-Profit Bus $35
    OmniBus Seasonal Rate
    1-16 passengers $300
    17-28 passengers $450
    29+ passengers $550

    Parking: Goat Island - Lot 3

    Cars $8
    Commercial Tour Bus $35
    Non-Profit Bus $35
    OmniBus Seasonal Rate
    1-16 passengers $300
    17-28 passengers $450
    29+ passengers $550

Get Directions

Must See! The Cave of the Winds will take your breath away! Be sure to experience the Hurricane Deck!

Amenities, Activities & Information

  • Amenities
  • Food (Accessible)
  • Gift Shop
  • Museum/Visitors Center
  • Nature Trails
  • Picnic Tables
  • WiFi
  • Activities
  • Biking
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Recreation Programs (Accessible)