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The ZBGA Program provides stimulus to develop educational, cultural and recreational programs interpreting our natural heritage as well as support for the permanent collections of eligible organizations. Funding for ZBGA comes from the Environmental Protection Fund and is appropriated through the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP).


Public or not-for-profit organizations which own, house and care for living or systematically organized collections of objects of natural origin and which primarily provide such services to the general public on a regular and predictable basis are eligible. See the RFA for further eligible criteria.

Program Restrictions

The following entities, programs and activities are not eligible for funding under the Zoos, Botanical Gardens and Aquariums Program:

  • for-profit organizations;
  • public school districts or their components;
  • Federal agencies and their programs;
  • New York State agencies and departments;
  • cemeteries;
  • natural history collections;
  • historical, archaeological or anthropological collections;
  • art collections;
  • science-technology collections;
  • astronomy collections;
  • gardens and plantings that are primarily commercial;
  • programs primarily concerned with horticulture (the culture of plants for food, comfort, or beauty);
  • programs primarily concerned with interpretation, utilization and/or maintenance of genetically domesticated plants and/or animals;

Note: Institutions with collections which include both eligible and ineligible categories and otherwise meet all program eligibility criteria are eligible only for assistance in areas relating to the natural heritage portions of their collections and public service programs.

Application Submission

Applications are available through the New York State Grants Gateway. To apply for the opportunity, you must be registered with the Grants Gateway. If your organization is not registered in the Grants Gateway, please follow the instructions in the RFA.