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New York State has an amazing variety of water for you to experience. Boaters can enjoy a relaxing cruise, fish in a favorite cove, or embark on a challenging adventure exploring new waters. New York's incredible natural beauty includes the Atlantic Ocean, the Long Island Sound estuary, and the St. Lawrence Rivers. Experience two Great Lakes, eleven Finger Lakes, Lake Champlain. Take a journey on the New York State Barge Canal, connecting the Hudson River with the Great lakes. Paddle dozens of clear, pristine lakes in the Adirondacks and hundreds of other streams, lakes, rivers, and ponds in the New York State Parks system.

The Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation's primary mission is to provide the public a safe and enjoyable environment for recreational boating. We do that by developing educational materials to assist the boater in developing safe boating habits. We promote safety on or waters by providing training and patrol vessels to law enforcement around the state.

Everyone can be a safer boater by Taking a Boating Safety Course

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Question: How do I get a hard copy of the New York State Boater’s Guide?

Answer: You can request a copy be mailed to you by completing this online form: New York State Parks

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The 2023 Recreational Boating Report

Recreational boating in New York State is a $8 billion industry enjoyed by millions of residents and visitors alike.
This recreational boating report has been prepared in order to help us better understand why accidents happen while affording possible insights as to how to prevent them.

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