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By leaving a bequest to the Natural Heritage Trust (Trust), you will make a lasting contribution to New York State Parks. You can designate a specific amount, a percentage of your total estate, or a share of the residual amount after gifts to your heirs.

Your bequest can be designated for general purposes or to a specific park, historic site, or program area. Please contact the Trust to ensure that your gift can be used as intended. Although you are not obligated to notify the Trust of your intended gift, doing so will allow the Trust to appropriately thank you for your gift and keep you updated on the work of the Trust.

If you have questions on how to include the Trust in your will, contact us at or 518-474-2997.

Life-Payment Gifts

Life-payment plans allow you to make a contribution to the Trust while still providing for your personal financial needs. Life-payment plans may offer substantial tax benefits.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable remainder trusts are popular plans because of the flexibility they offer. They are similar to other types of trusts, except that the Trust receives the remainder interest. You assign cash or securities and specify how trust income and the remainder interest will be distributed.

Charitable Lead Trust

Charitable lead trusts are the reverse of charitable remainder trusts in that payments from the trust are given to the Trust for a specified term in years. Upon your death or the end of the term, the net assets of the trust pass to your family or other designees.

Gifts of Life Insurance

When your life insurance policy was originally purchased, you had a need for the benefits. Perhaps today you don't need the coverage. To contribute your life insurance policy, simply name the Trust as its beneficiary or partial beneficiary.

Gifts of Retirement Plans

You can name the Trust as beneficiary of your pension, 401K, IRA or other retirement plan. Please discuss your particular situation with your tax advisor.