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Public Meeting Notice

May 24, 2012

Dan Keefe

Public Information Meeting on a Draft Master Plan for Thacher and Thompson Lake State Parks

Public Meeting Notice

Who: State Parks Staff
What: Public information meeting regarding the preparation of a Draft Master Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Statement for John Boyd Thacher and Thompson’s Lake State Parks
When: 6pm to 9pm; Thursday, May 24
Where: Bethlehem Town Hall, Delmar, NY

State Parks staff will provide a brief overview of the planning effort and an introduction to all of the resources and uses of the parks. The public is invited to provide suggestions on issues, impacts and considerations that should be addressed in the creation of a draft master plan and draft environmental impact statement.

An information packet is available at:

People unable to attend the meeting may provide written comments by June 15, 2012 to: Salim Chishti, Park PlannerOPRHP Albany, NY 12238

Or email to: