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Press Release

May 27, 2014

Randy Simons
Dan Keefe

Proposals Sought for Food and Beverage Sales at Jones Beach State Park

The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (State Parks) is seeking proposals from potential partners to operate up to 12 existing and new venues to offer fresh and innovative food choices at Jones Beach State Park beginning in 2015.

The request for proposals comes as the state is poised to invest $65 million in the revitalization of Jones Beach State Park. As outlined by Governor Cuomo in March, the Jones Beach revitalization plan focuses on restoring historic and aesthetic grandeur, strengthening storm resiliency, expanding food and recreational opportunities and streamlining park entry, all of which will improve economic development and increase visitation to the park. As part of the revitalization plan, State Parks will upgrade historic food venues and create new venues. Improvements are focused on those areas that are already busy anchors and the center of activity and foot traffic. More information on the revitalization plan is available here.

Home to miles of a beautiful white-sand beach along the Atlantic Ocean, Jones Beach has averaged more than five million visitors over the last decade and hosts the renowned Bethpage Air Show every Memorial Day weekend, regular concerts at the Nikon Theater, and many other recreational programs and services.

State Parks is offering a concession license with a term of five years, from 2015 through 2019, with an option for up to five additional years. The available locations include both seasonal and year-round operations.

Proposals are due by 2:00 p.m., Wednesday, August 1, 2014. The Request For Proposal and bidding documents may be obtained free of charge by calling the Long Island Regional Headquarters at 631.321.3579. All inquiries regarding interpretation of the RFP or requests for additional information must be addressed in writing and submitted to the Director of Concessions Management Bureau, New York State Parks, Albany, New York 12238, e-mail Written responses, as appropriate, in the form of RFP Addenda, will be issued to all prospective bidders as a means of response.

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