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May 08, 2018

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New and Improved Rustic Cabins Now Open at Buttermilk Falls and Robert Treman State Parks

Newly Built Cabins Specially Designed toLimit Impact to Surrounding Environment, Rehab Cabins Using Storm Damaged Trees

State Park Improvements Advance SouthernTier Soaring - Region's Successful Upstate Revitalization Initiative to GrowEconomy and Create Opportunities

View the New and Rehabilitated Cabins Here

New York State Parks announced today that new rustic cabins at Buttermilk Falls State Park and newly rehabilitated cabins at Robert Treman State Park in the Southern Tier are now available for the peak outdoor camping season. The new cabins are nestled amongst the region's wineries, gorges, and cultural destinations that help serve Southern Tier's growing tourism economy. The improvements are a major component of Southern Tier Soaring, the region's blueprint for economic growth.

"Camping within a state park is an ideal way to explore the great outdoors with friends and family and with the addition of these cabins, New York State continues to offer affordable options for everyone to enjoy," said State Parks Commissioner Rose Harvey. "Thanks to Governor Cuomo's Parks 2020 initiative, our state parks are becoming increasingly popular destinations, and a cabin stay is a great way to discover some of our most beautiful natural resources in New York State this season."

Fourteen newly constructed rustic cabins at Buttermilk Falls State Park feature one double bed and a triple bunk bed in each unit. The 150-square-foot cabins are specially built with all timber at ground level in an effort minimize excavation and damage to the roots of existing nearby trees. The rustic cabins, built entirely by state park crews, are designed for the traditional camping experience with no running water and electricity but provide a comfortable shelter so that weather is never an issue in deciding when to stay.

In addition to the new cabins at Buttermilk Falls, seven 1935-era Civilian Conservation Corps rustic cabins at Robert Treman State Park recently received much-needed restoration and modern updates. Each unit welcomes upgraded electrical service and energy efficient lighting; insulation new roof and baseboard electric heat to provide warmth on cold nights. Custom hardwood beds and bunk beds using milled wood from storm damaged trees in the park replaced the old metal bed frames, and were organized in a more accessible floor plan. Hardwood trim, also milled from hazardous trees in the park, frame out the windows,which have all been reglazed, repaired and repainted. Additional enhancements include custom wooden passage doors with a flame distressed, antique look, tongue and groove knotty pine siding and curtain rods made from tree branches taken in the park complete with washable curtains which replaced venetian blinds. Exterior painting of the cabins was completed by I Love My Park Day volunteers. Each cabin was rehabilitated by state park crews for just$8,200 each.

The new Buttermilk Falls and refurbished Robert Treman cabins are part of Governor Cuomo's NY Parks 2020 initiative that will constructed or renovated more than 300 various styles of cabins and cottages across the state park system by 2020. 

In addition to the rehabilitated cabins at Robert Treman State Park, a new $1.5 million connecting bridge will replace the often washed out roadway that serves as an important connection inside the park. The popular connecting passage situated at equal level with the nearby creek is routinely closed during passing stormsand winter months, which force campers and visitors to use an alternate andless preferred entrance off the busy highway. The new Robert H. Treman Bridgewill allow the park connection to be open in all-weather conditions including winter months and remove cars from traveling in flooded waters, which can be dangerous and hazardous to the surrounding environment. The new bridge also establishes an accessible connection between the camping and day use parts of the park for the first time, that will also be useable by bicycles, and allow a consistent route for rim trail walkers to get back to the parking lot. The project includes stabilizing the creek banks and bottom using stone weirs, and will improve fish and other habitat in the creek.

"I am grateful for the support of Governor Cuomo, State Parks Commissioner Rose Harvey, our state parks crews and volunteers for their efforts in financing,constructing and renovating these extraordinary projects," said Finger LakesRegional Commission Chair Dave Banfield. "Completing this project providesfamilies with multiple options for cabin camping in the Finger Lakes, whetherthey prefer the basic but modern rustic accommodations of Buttermilk Falls orthe more classic, electric cabins at Robert Treman, there is something forevery family to enjoy."

The projects are funded by Governor Cuomo's NY Parks 2020 initiative. NYParks 2020 is a multi-year commitment to leverage $900 million in privateand public funding for State Parks from 2011 to 2020. The 2018-19 state budget includes $90 million toward this initiative.

The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation oversees more than 250 parks, historic sites, recreational trails, golf courses, boat launches and more, which are visited by 71 million people annually. A recent study found that New York State Parks generates $5 billion in park and visitor spending, which supports nearly 54,000 jobs. For more information on any of these recreation areas, call 518-474-0456 or visit, connect with us on Facebook,or follow on Instagramand Twitter.

Accelerating Southern Tier Soaring

The State has already invested more than $3.1 billion in the region since 2012 to support the "Southern Tier Soaring" - attracting a talented workforce, growing business and driving innovation.

Today, unemployment is down to the lowest levels since before the Great Recession; personal and corporate income taxes are down; and businesses are choosing places like Binghamton, Johnson City and Corning as a destination in which to grow and invest.

Now, the region is accelerating "Southern Tier Soaring" with a $500 million State investment through the Upstate Revitalization Initiative, announced by Governor Cuomo in December 2015. The State's $500 million investment will incentivize private business to invest well over $2.5 billion - and the region's plan, as submitted, projects up to 10,200 new jobs. More informationis available here.​