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Press Release

May 16, 2019

Dan Keefe (518) 486-1868 |

Breakneck Ridge Trailhead to Reopen

The Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation today announced that the Breakneck Ridge Trailhead in Hudson Highlands State Park will reopen this weekend. The Breakneck Trailhead closed two weeks ago after a boulder dislodged and fell a distance along the trail. State Parks has been determined that the boulder is stable in its present location.

The Hudson Highlands are part of the Appalachian chain, a set of mountains that run from the Deep South to Maine. The granite that makes the hiking so enjoyable and affords breathtaking views of the Hudson River and surrounding landscape also is ever changing due to the forces or nature as well as patterns of use. While State Parks continually assesses the condition of its parks to maximize patron safety, hikers should be aware that hiking, like all outdoor recreational activities, has inherent risks.

State Parks asks that all visitors plan their visit, downloading a map of the area through Avenza maps (a free app) or picking up a paper trail map. Visitors are urged to wear appropriate footwear, bring water and allow at least three hours for the hike.

Park patrons should be aware of the potential for loose or falling rocks along the trail.