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December 29, 2006

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Wendy Gibson
Catherine Jimenez

Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation 2006 Trail Grant Awards


Whitney Point Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club - $100,000
Trail Grooming Equipment Purchase; The Whitney Point Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club, Inc. will purchase a new tracked groomer to help maintain over 150 miles of snowmobile trails that connect with seven neighboring snowmobile clubs within Broome, Chenango, Cortland, and Tioga Counties.


Portville Snowmobile Club, Inc. - $79,266
Trail Grooming Equipment Purchase; The Portville Snowmobile Club, Inc. will purchase a Class A Groomer to maintain 37 miles of snowmobile trails which connect to Allegany State Park and the Allegany National Forest.


Chautauqua Rails to Trails, Inc. - $37,600
Trail Grooming Equipment Purchase; Chautauqua Rails to Trails, Inc. will purchase trail grooming maintenance equipment that will benefit both Chautauqua Rails to Trails and Chautauqua Lake Snowmobile Club trails. The two organizations maintain 80% of the trails in Chautauqua County.


Scenic Hudson Land Trust, Inc. - $100,000
Madam Brett Park Trail Improvement Project; The Scenic Hudson Land Trust, Inc. will upgrade the surface of a trail located in Madam Brett Park in Beacon, NY, a designated Hudson Valley Greenway trail, and build a ramped extension to an existing boardwalk. The goal is to make the existing trail universally accessible and to connect it to a trail being developed by the City of Beacon on an adjacent property. This project will provide a crucial link of trails along the Hudson River and the Fishkill Creek.

Town of Poughkeepsie - $75,000
Peach Hill Park Trails and Trailside Facilities; The Town of Poughkeepsie will develop recreational trails and trailside facilities at Peach Hill Park, a 157 acre site at the highest elevation in the town.

Young-Morse Historic Site (Locust Grove) - $61,000
Locust Grove Estate Trail Restoration and Expansion; The Young-Morse Historic Site will restore and expand Locust Grove, a 180-acre National Historic Landmark estate located in the Hudson River Valley. The project will include restoration of 3.5 miles of historic hiking trails, the development of 1.5 miles of new trails on recently acquired property adjoining the estate and the construction of three trail head information/directional kiosks. These historic hiking trails are designated as part of the Hudson River Valley Greenway Trail.


Town of Orchard Park - $100,000
Chestnut Ridge Village Recreational Trail; The Town of Orchard Park will construct and rehabilitate 6,775 linear feet of pathway, including 6,375 linear feet of crushed limestone and 400 linear feet of wooden boardwalk in Chestnut Ridge Village Park. Additional development includes the construction of a 12-foot wide wildlife observation deck, a four space parking lot and various trailside amenities.


Franklin Snowmobilers, Inc. - $100,000
Trail Grooming Equipment Purchase; Franklin County Snowmobilers, Inc. will purchase a new groomer to improve the 299 miles of snowmobile trails it maintains.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation - $100,000
Santa Clara Tract All Terrain Vehicle Route; This project is to rehabilitate existing trails (9.16 miles), construct two designated parking areas, install barrier gates and construct a new ATV trail (1.64 miles) of the Santa Clara Tract.


Nick Stoner Trailers, Inc. - 14,804
Trail Grooming Equipment Purchase; The Nick Stoner Trailers, Inc. snowmobile club will replace equipment they are currently using for the maintenance of 13 miles of a 35 mile trail system.

Oppenheim Trailblazers, Inc. - $90,240
Trail Grooming Equipment Purchase; The Oppenheim Trailblazers, Inc. will purchase a groomer and drag to maintain approximately 49 miles of trails. This is the main trail between Oppenheim and Ephratah, creating a unified trail.


Trackside Blazers Snowmobile Club, Incorporated - $100,000
Trail Grooming Equipment Purchase; Trackside Blazers Snowmobile Club, Inc. will purchase a new groomer tractor for the maintenance of 104 miles of snowmobile trails in Oneida and Herkimer Counties. This area of trails links the trail system at Old Forge to the Tug Hill snowmobile system.


Barnes Corners Sno-Pals, Inc. - $31,785
Rehabilitation of a Portion of C5A; Barnes Corners Sno-Pals, Inc. will restore approximately 1,000 linear feet of the C5A trail that has been damaged.

Friends of the Nature Center, Inc. - $16,920
Friends of the Nature Center Trail Improvement; The Friends of the Nature Center, Inc. was created to assist with the management of the Minna Anthony Common Nature Center. In order to maintain and improve the quality of the trails, the Friends of the Nature Center will purchase trail maintenance equipment and trail materials including gravel, wood chips, culvert pipes and some additional finishing materials.

Thousand Islands Land Trust - $72,858
Historic Zenda Farm Trail; The Thousand Islands Land Trust will develop a year-round, fully accessible, one and one-half mile non-motorized diverse use trail on the 223-acre site of Historic Zenda Farm in the Town of Clayton.


Prospect Park Alliance - $100,000
Lookout Hill Trails Restoration; The Prospect Park Alliance will restore 1,000 feet of the path on Lookout Hill, one of the Park's original historic trails and a unique setting for bird watchers. The project will involve removing and replacing concrete and clearing existing storm and sanitary sewer pipe.


Plateau Riders, Inc. - $100,000
Trail Grooming Equipment Purchase; Plateau Riders, Inc. will purchase a new groomer and drag for the purpose of maintaining trails for snowmobiling in the Towns of Martinsburg, West Turin, and the Village of Turin. This will improve the connection between rural communities and enhance the local economy by maintaining a key portion of the county-wide trail system.


Lost Trail Snowmobile Club, Inc. - $98,386
Trail Grooming Equipment Purchase; The Lost Trail Snowmobile Club, Inc. will purchase a new tractor to groom and maintain 48 miles of New York State Snowmobile Corridor Trails. Maintenance of these trails is important because it links Lewis, Oneida and Herkimer Counties, providing access to the Adirondacks and the Tug Hill Region.


Town of Camillus - $96,000
Public Accessible Trailhead Project; The Town of Camillus in conjunction with the Camillus Snowmobile Club will construct a publicly accessible trail head for both snowmobilers and bicyclists with special needs. Constructing the unloading ramp as an extension to the existing restroom facilities will provide riders with easy access to both of these facilities. This project will be the first of its kind in Onondaga County.


Winona Forest Recreation Association - $97,548
Winona State Forest Trail Rehabilitation/Restoration; Winona Forest Recreation Association (WFRA) is an all volunteer multi-user organization hosting and supporting year-round events. WFRA will purchase equipment for maintenance and development of 70 miles of trails within the Village of Pulaski, which will provide total accessibility to the greater populace regardless of physical ability or interest.


Exeter Trailblazers, Inc. - $94,342
Trail Grooming Equipment Purchase; The Exeter Trailblazers, Inc. will purchase a used Class-A tracked groomer and a new multi-blade grooming drag to maintain 61 miles of the NYS snowmobile trail system that includes C7B and secondary trails. The goal of the organization is to improve the trail conditions, thus increasing the level of safety and enjoyment for the snowmobile riders and also the cross-country skiers who currently use this trail.


City of New York Dept. of Parks and Recreation - $84,480
Willow Lake Trail Restoration; The City of New York Department of Parks and Recreation will clear and resurface 3,250 linear feet of an overgrown pedestrian path near Willow Lake in Flushing Meadows Corona Park providing an east-west connection in the southern portion of the park, as well as direct access between the Forest Hills and Kew Gardens neighborhoods.


Village of Hoosick Falls - $100,000
Hoosick Falls Rails-to-Trails Greenway; The Village of Hoosick Falls will re-create a historic walking and biking trail that extends for two miles along an abandoned rail corridor through land acquisition and development. The trail runs through the village, abuts the river in many places and provides abundant opportunities for scenic views, canoe access, picnicking, public information displays and parking.


St. Lawrence County Snowmobile Association - $100,000
Trail Grooming Equipment Purchase; The St. Lawrence County Snowmobile Association, Inc. will purchase a 2008 Tucker 1000 groomer to maintain a portion of the Remsen-Lake Placid Railroad Corridor. This connector trail crosses over Franklin County, St. Lawrence County and Hamilton County.


Finger Lakes Trail Conference, Inc. - $9,000
North Country Scenic/Finger Lakes Trail; The Finger Lakes Trail Conference, Inc., an affiliate of the North Country Trail Association will repair and reroute 1.4 miles of existing trails in two segments. Segment A will relocate northeast of the existing trail along the flat, raised shoulder of the road by clearing, hardening, and drainage management; whereas, Segment B [.4 miles] will be rebuilt by clearing, ditching, hardening, and sidehilling.


NYS Department of Environmental Conservation - $50,031
Flax Pond Tidal Wetland Catwalk Extension; The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation owns numerous tidal wetland properties on Long Island, purchased for the protection and preservation of these critical habitats. By extending the existing catwalk on the Flax Pond property with the proposed open grate system, the department will maintain and enhance public access and use of the property as well as provide improved public access to the Long Island Sound, while minimizing impacts and restoring areas that are currently being damaged as a result of that use.

Town of Riverhead - $100,000
Calverton Park Recreational Trail; The Town of Riverhead has committed $5.1 million towards the design and construction of athletic fields adjacent to the location proposed for the Calverton Park Recreational Trail. The proposed 8.9 mile long, non-motorized, fitness trail will augment the four ballfields and four multi-purpose fields and provide recreational opportunities for bicyclists, walkers and runners.


City of Ithaca - $100,000
Connector Trail: Six Mile Promenade to Winter Village Trail; The City of Ithaca will install a 395 linear foot segment of a connector trail which will link Six Mile Creek Promenade in the town core to the Winter Village Trail and the Six Mile Creek Natural Area. Construction will include removal of existing asphalt paving, repair and recapping of existing channel wall, installation of handrails along the wall and installation of a 6-foot wide compacted stone dust path, maintained for accessibility. The completion of this project will develop a continuous trail from Six Mile Creek Natural Area to the future Black Diamond Trail.


Town of Gardiner - $100,000
Gardiner Rail Trail; The Town of Gardiner will acquire 6 miles from the Wallkill Valley Land Trust and develop that land for the Gardiner Rail Trail. As part of the development, they plan to rebuild and clean out drainage ditches to make it safer for trail users.


Town of Somers - $75,440
Angle Fly Preserve Trailways; The Town of Somers in conjunction with the Friends of Angle Fly Preserve will develop 10 miles of new trails on the newly acquired 654-acre Angle Fly Preserve property located in Somers, NY. Construction of the trail includes crushed stone, 1 trailhead kiosk, a parking lot gate and property signage.

TOTAL: $2,384,700.00