Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

Press Release

October 03, 2007

Eileen Larrabee
Catherine Jimenez

State Parks Launches Statewide Preservation Planning Process

The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation is currently developing New York's five-year statewide historic preservation plan and is seeking the public's input regarding issues, opportunities, and needs associated with historic preservation across the state from individuals, organizations, private enterprises, and governments.

"We are excited about involving all New Yorkers in the statewide preservation planning process and look forward to receiving their comments and suggestions through a series of regional outreach meetings, which are being held at various locations across the state," said State Parks Commissioner Carol Ash. "We hope our outreach efforts will heighten preservation awareness, educate a diverse audience about the benefits of preservation, and develop goals that expand local preservation efforts."

Historic and cultural resources help to enhance the quality and character of local communities. Historic preservation, which involves actions that protect historic and cultural properties and return them to productive use, is a powerful but underused economic development and environmental stewardship strategy. The agency is interested in incorporating historic preservation into cost effective, environmentally-friendly community improvement activities, such as the redevelopment of existing resources, energy conservation, and smart growth initiatives.

New York's statewide preservation plan is a long-range master plan for historic preservation activities within the state and is a requirement for federal program funding from the National Park Service. The plan and planning process offer important opportunities to identify, evaluate, and address issues, needs, and challenges relating to historic and cultural resources by bringing together and helping to coordinate the efforts of various individuals, organizations, and governments involved in historic preservation in the state.

State Parks encourages public input throughout the planning process. By working cooperatively with both colleagues and new audiences, the agency hopes to incorporate historic preservation into local redevelopment and community enhancement activities. For more information about the planning initiative and the regional meetings, contact Amy Facca at the Historic Preservation Field Services Bureau at 518-237-8643, ext. 3109 or visit the state parks website at

Schedule of Regional Meetings (as of 10/01/07):

  • BUFFALO - October 10, 2007, 6:00 p.m., "Babeville," the former Asbury Methodist Church at Delaware and Tupper Avenues.
  • JAMESTOWN - October 11, 2007, 6:00 p.m., City Hall, City Council Chamber, 200 East Third Street.
  • UTICA - October 24, 2007, 9:30 a.m., Hotel Utica - Saranac Room, 102 Lafayette Street.
  • WATERTOWN - October 25, 2007, 1:30 p.m., Best Western Carriage House Inn, 300 Washington Street.
  • ROCHESTER - October 31, 2007, 9:30 a.m., Ebenezer Watts Conference Center, 49 South Fitzhugh Street.
  • SARANAC LAKE - November 7, 2007, 1:00 p.m., The John Black Room at the Saranac Laboratory, 89 Church Street.
  • KINGSTON - November 15, 2007, 6:30 p.m., City Hall, 2nd Floor - Common Council Chamber, 420 Broadway.

Additional meetings are also being planned for other locations, such as the Capital District, New York City, and Long Island.

For more information about the regional meetings, or to RSVP, please contact Amy Facca at (518) 237-8643 x3109.