Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

Press Release

October 22, 2007

Eileen Larrabee
Cathy Jimenez

State Parks Announces Grants To Support Historic Preservation

More than $99,000 Awarded to Communities in New York

New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Commissioner Carol Ash announced $99,348 in grants awarded to 11 communities across the state through the Certified Local Government (CLG) program. Each of the communities is designated a Certified Local Government for committing to local historic preservation efforts.

"Communities that participate in the Certified Local Government program are making an investment in the future through ongoing preservation efforts," said Ash. "The CLG program enables local governments to increase awareness of the importance of historic preservation and provides opportunities for communities to plan for the protection and integration of historic resources into long term planning and development initiatives."

The Certified Local Government Program is a federal program administered by the Field Services Bureau of the State Historic Preservation Office in partnership with the National Park Service. To become a CLG a local municipality applies to and is certified by State Historic Preservation Office and the National Park Service that it has passed appropriate preservation legislation and appointed a review commission that meets state and federal standards. By becoming a CLG, a community essentially becomes a local partner with the State Historic Preservation Office in historic preservation and can strengthen its ability to make decisions regarding local preservation, community improvement, development and planning.

After becoming a CLG, a community becomes eligible to apply for federal grants through the State Historic Preservation Office. Projects such as historic resource surveys, public education programs, design guidelines and local preservation plans are eligible for funds. There are 58 CLG communities across New York that receive a wide range of special services, including grants, legal and technical assistance and training.

For more information regarding the Certified Local Government program, visit or contact Julian Adams, Certified Local Government Coordinator, at the State Historic Preservation Office, (518) 237-8643.

The following Certified Local Government communities have been identified to receive a grant award to assist with local historic preservation efforts:

Village of Cobleskill (Schoharie County)   $8,400
Design Guidelines for the Village of Cobleskill Historic District

The Village of Cobleskill, established as a CLG in 2006, will develop design guidelines for use by its preservation commission. The final product will be published as well as web-based and will assist property owners in making appropriate design choices, potentially streamlining local reviews and providing for a more efficient and applicant friendly process.

Village of Pittsford (Monroe County)   $3,095
Historic District Handbook and Guidelines

The historic Erie Canal-side Village of Pittsford will develop a comprehensive historic district guidebook and design guidelines in order to provide educational materials for property owners and commissioners to assist in the local review process. The goal is to provide more wide-spread historic preservation guidance for local property owners.

City of Niagara Falls (Niagara County)   $2,800
Park Place Historic District Promotion and Education

The City of Niagara Falls will draft and publish a brochure on owner's responsibilities within the district and will place identifying signage at the perimeter of the Park Place Historic District. The Park Place Historic District is the first local historic district in the City and the project will promote its presence, location and what the designation means to property owners. This heightened awareness of the City's historic preservation program will hopefully lead to more local involvement in the City's efforts.

Town of Poughkeepsie (Dutchess County)   $16,000
Historic Resources Survey Update

The Town of Poughkeepsie Master Plan calls for an update to the 1986 level survey of the Town to better identify and protect historic resources. This grand-assisted project will be completed in two stages: the first stage will identify historic resources constructed prior to 1851 (a second, future stage will do the same for resources constructed after 1850 continuing to 1960. As part of the first stage, the Town will create a database identifying historic properties. The goal is to move toward potential designation and protection of the Town's significant historic resources.

City of New Rochelle (Westchester County)   $4,000

The City of New Rochelle will continue publication of the popular "The Preserver" newsletter. The newsletter has been published since 1996 and is credited with increasing awareness of historic preservation in the City, highlighting preservation success stories, local historical sites, and advice for owners of historic properties.

Town of Malta (Saratoga County)   $20,200
Historic Resources Survey (Level I)

The Town of Malta, a CLG since 2006, will undertake a Reconnaissance level survey of historic resources to cover the entire township and set the stage for an intensive level survey based on the Level I results. The Town is using this effort to proactively planning for the retention of its historic resources in anticipation of future community development projects.

Village of Southampton (Suffolk County)   $6,000
Historic District Survey Update

The Village of Southampton will update its existing historic district survey data for use by the local preservation community. The current survey was completed in 1979 and, due to its age, does not reflect all the historic resources in the Village that have become 50 years old since that date. Identifying these properties is the first step in protecting them as part of the historic character of Southampton. The updated survey will add an estimated 150 properties to this historic district.

City of Syracuse (Onondaga County)   $10,000
National Register of Historic Places Nomination for Downtown

The City will prepare a Multiple Properties National Register nomination for downtown Syracuse. This will be done in an effort to achieve National Register listing for all eligible properties and districts in the downtown area. Having these properties listed on the National Register will enable property owners to take advantage of Tax Credit programs and grants that are only available for listed properties. It is hoped that this will provide more incentive for investment in the downtown's historic resources.

City of Schenectady (Schenectady County)   $8,873
Historic Commission Public Education Project

The City will update materials about its preservation program to inform residents in historic districts about their responsibilities and to publicize historic resources. Materials planned for the project include an update of the Commission's Historic Zoning Brochure; a revision of Schenectady's historic district map; and the development of a walking tour brochure for the City's districts, all to provide expanded awareness for the City's historic resources and the programs in place for their protection and preservation.

City of Newburgh (Orange County)   $11,000
West End Cultural Survey

The City of Newburgh will prepare a survey of historic resources in the "west end" immediately west of the National Register listed "East End" historic district. Historic resources in this section of the City are not well understood or protected. This project will enable preparation of a database of architectural classifications, tables and maps depicting the geographic distribution of resources in the area by historic periods, themes and architectural types. A series of presentations will be made and the report will include recommendations for future actions by the City and the Architectural Review Commission.

Village of Brockport (Monroe County)   $8,980
Historic Home Improvement Program

The Village of Brockport will undertake a historic home improvement program that combines a series of workshops and advice from volunteers and architects to assist homeowners of landmarked homes in assessing necessary work at their houses. Homeowners wishing to participate in the program will be eligible for local property tax abatement on improvements made under the program. The goal is to provide awareness of the local historic resources, assist property owners in understanding their home's materials, condition and needs, and provide for an improved appearance Village-wide.