Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

Business Opportunity

RFP: X001109
Type: Golf Course and Food and Beverage Concession at Beaver Island State Park Golf Course
Park: Beaver Island State Park
County: Erie
Services: Operation of a Golf Course and Small Golf Course Restaurant
Term: Five years, with possible extensions up to five additional years
License Fee: $50,000 which shall escalate annually by the Consumer Price Index plus an additional license fee bid presented either as a percentage of gross receipts or a flat fee that escalates annually by the CPI or other mechanism approved by State Parks
Historic Gross Receipts: ±$192,800 annual average for 2006-2012*

(*2012 Revenue amounts were affected by Pro Shop fire May 2012)
R&R Account: 3% of Gross Receipts
Capital Investment: Minimum bid: $75,000 to be invested in the licensed premises by March 31, 2017
Utilities: Licensee is responsible for 100% of costs of utilities. Utilities for the Pro Shop, Restaurant and Cart Barn are submetered and fees will be paid to State Parks based on actual usage.
Refuse Removal & Recycling Fees: Licensee is 100% responsible for cost of refuse removal and recycling.
Additional Notes: See RFP and Sample License for further requirement details.

To request a copy of RFP X001109, send an email to with the RFP number and name in the subject line. Or, a copy can be downloaded from the NYS Contract Reporter.