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July 02, 2013

Randy Simon
Dan Keefe

State Parks Urges Boaters to Be Wary of Dangerous Conditions

High waters and fast moving rivers, streams may be hazardous for holiday weekend

New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Commissioner Rose Harvey reminded boaters heading out for the holiday weekend to be mindful of potentially dangerous conditions after recent heavy rainfall and flooding.

"Many areas of New York are experiencing high water levels and fast moving rivers due to unusually heavy rainfall," Harvey said. "These conditions may pose unexpected dangers to boaters. Before setting out, we urge boaters to make sure they understand the conditions they'll face and avoid bodies of water that may be unsafe. Don't let a poorly planned boating trip turn your holiday into a tragedy."

The Office of Parks and Recreation along with the United States Coast Guard strongly recommend wearing life jackets, especially while aboard small manually propelled watercraft.

Additionally it is recommended that all boaters:

  • Properly equip and carry essential safety gear, signaling devices and whistles;
  • Always let others know where you're going and when to expect your return;
  • Take a boating safety or paddle sport skills course; and always,
  • Refrain from mixing alcohol with boating.

The State Parks Marine Service Unit is responsible for the general coordination of boating safety programs and supports marine law enforcement efforts across the state, including patrols, training and funding for local marine enforcement activities. For more information about boating safety - including listings of boating safety courses - and marine recreation in New York State, visit