Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

Business Opportunity

RFP: X001448
Type: Food, Beverage, and Camp Store Concession
Park: Southwick Beach State Park
County: Jefferson
Services: Operation of the Food, Beverage, and Camp Store Concession. Arcade and Laundry services are also included in this opportunity.
Term: Three years, with a possible extension up to an additional two years.
License Fee: Minimum: 3% of of Gross Receipts from all food, beverage, and retail sales; and
25% of Gross Receipts of on all arcade and laundry sales generated under the License is required to be paid as part of monthly license fees.
RR&M Obligation: 2% of Gross Receipts
Utilities: State Parks shall provide electricity and propane service to the Premises, for which Licensee shall pay State Parks 100% of the actual costs as sub-metered.
Refuse Removal & Recycling Fees: Licensee is 100% responsible for the costs of recycling and trash removal as billed by provider(s) including the cost of any grease or other specialty waste disposal services.
Additional Notes: Submission Location:
NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
Concessions Management Bureau
ATTN: X001448 Southwick Beach Food, Beverage, and Camp Store Concession Proposal
625 Broadway, 3rd Floor
Albany, NY 12207

To request a copy of RFP X001448, send an email to with the RFP number and name in the subject line. Or, a copy can be downloaded from the NYS Contract Reporter.