Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

Business Opportunity

RFP: X001477
Type: Food, Beverage, and Camp Store Concession
Park: Southwick Beach State Park
County: Jefferson
Services: Operation of the Food, Beverage, and Camp Store Concession. Laundry services are also included in this opportunity.
Term: Three years (4/15/24-12/31/26), with a possible extension up to an additional two years.
License Fee: Minimum: 3% of Gross Receipts from all food, beverage, and camp store retail sales; and
25% of Gross Receipts on all laundry sales generated under the License is required to be paid as part of monthly license fees.
Historic Gross Receipts: Historical Annual Park Attendance: ± 139,063 annual average
Historical Annual Camping Attendance: ± 42,516 annual average
Historical Reported Revenue: ± $44,847 annual average
RR&M Obligation: 2% of Gross Receipts
  • Licensee is 100% responsible for the actual costs of propane as invoiced by State Parks. Licensee shall pay to State Parks $1,000 annually for the reimbursement of the cost of electricity.
  • State Parks 100% responsible for costs of trash removal and recycling used in connection with this License. Licensee is solely responsible for the cost of any grease and cooking oil, or other specialty waste disposal services.
Additional Notes: Submission Location:
NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Concessions Management Bureau
ATTN: X001477 Southwick Beach Food, Beverage, and Camp Store Concession Proposal
625 Broadway, 3rd Floor
Albany, NY 12207

To request a copy of RFP X001477, send an email to with the RFP number and name in the subject line. Or, a copy can be downloaded from the NYS Contract Reporter.