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Route 67
Walloomsac, NY 12090
Latitude 42.933758
Longitude -73.304878

The Battle of Bennington, fought in modern day New York, pitted a mix of German troops, loyalists, Native Americans, Canadians and British marksmen against American militia commanded by the experienced Brig. Gen. John Stark of New Hampshire and Col. Seth Warner of Vermont. The battle was fought in two engagements on August 16, 1777 and resulted in a decisive victory for the Americans. As a result, Burgoyne's invading army was prevented from obtaining much needed supplies and loyalist recruits. Burgoyne later surrendered on October 17 after the Battles of Saratoga.

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  • May 1 - Veterans Day
    8am - Sunset, 7 days a week

  • Interpretive panels: 8 am - Susnet.


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Recognizing the importance of Bennington Battlefield as a highly important Class A site in need of study, the American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP) of the National Park Service provided grant funding to conduct a cultural resource survey of the site. Field work for this survey was completed in the fall of 2015. The final Archaeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA) compliant public report is available below in its component sections.

Public Report Part 1

Public Report Part 2

American Official Correspondence 1 of 2

American Official Correspondence 2 of 2

American Sources 1 of 5

American Sources 2 of 5

American Sources 3 of 5

American Sources 4 of 5

American Sources 5 of 5

British Sources 1 of 2

British Sources 2 of 2

Loyalist Sources

Brunswick Sources 1 of 2

Brunswick Sources 2 of 2

Civilian Sources 1 of 2

Civilian Sources 2 of 2

MAPS- Bach

MAPS- Bennington SARA 4136 #761

MAPS- Durnford

MAPS- Vetter

MAPS- 1826

Battle of Bennington Artifacts

The accompanying files contain photographs of artifacts that were recovered during 2015 and 2016 archaeological surveys. In order to protect the integrity of the battlefield, specific locations have been withheld and no maps are included. It is hoped, however, that in sharing these images the reader will gainan appreciation of the physical record that remains of the battle. The types of weapons and ammunition used by the belligerents may be gleaned from these images. The continuity of land usage is also observable in the variety of agricultural objects deposited over the centuries. The mysterious sections of lead pipe recovered in multiple locations indicate a possible source of raw material for round balls. It is hoped that a more detailed summary of these findings will be made available in the near future.

Artifacts 1

Artifacts 2

Artifacts 3

Artifacts 4

Deer and small game hunting are allowed in season. Hunting permit dates coincide with the NYS DEC hunting permit dates.

A valid hunting license is required to obtain a hunting permit for Bennington Battlefield.

Hunting is not permitted within 500 feet of any building, road, playground, or parking lot, and all trails are considered safety zones where hunting is not allowed.

Permits must be applied for in person, either at the Grafton Lakes State Park Office or by appointment with David Pitlyk. Call 518-279-1155 for inquiries on office hours at Grafton or 518-860-9094 to create an appointment at Bennington. Permits are free but those wishing to obtain them must present valid back tags. While hunting at the site all applicants must observe all applicable New York State laws and regulations as well as Parks policies. 

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