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Empire Pass

Please be aware that operations may be impacted due to COVID-19, and capacity restrictions may be in place for the upcoming season. Please decide whether an Empire Pass is the right purchase for you and your family as all Empire Pass products are non-returnable and non-refundable after purchase.
If you are ordering a new Empire Pass, please allow 7-10 business days to receive it by U.S standard mail

Empire Passes

A wallet-sized Empire Pass Card that can be shared within a household is now available. It's a family-friendly alternative to the traditional window decal, and not assigned to a specific vehicle. The card can be used by parents, grandparents, caregivers and others.

The Empire Pass is your key to all-season enjoyment at New York State Parks. It provides unlimited day-use vehicle entry to most facilities operated by New York State Parks and the State Dept. of Environmental Conservation including forests, beaches, trails and more. Learn where the Empire Pass is Accepted.

Empire Passes are available for different lengths of time: choose from one-season, multi-season or lifetime KEEP YOUR PASS!, Empire Pass cards are now renewable!

Visitors who download the Parks Explorer App can also save their Empire Pass to a wallet feature for digital payment and entry into many park properties. View the brief how-to videoLeaving New York State Parks [Please note: An Empire Pass can be added to the wallet of one device, maximum.]

2021 Empire Pass Renewals

GO GREEN! If you saved your Empire Pass card, you now have the option to renew online and receive a discount! Your existing pass will be re-activated so you will not need to wait for a new card in the mail. To take advantage of the renewal discount, you must still have your physical card, or a digital copy in the wallet section of the New York State Parks Explorer App

Empire Pass cards expiring on or after December 31, 2018 are available for renewal. Passes cannot be renewed at park facilities. Card activation may take 24-48 hours, so please be sure and plan in advance of your visit to the park.

If you have an existing Empire Pass card check my expiration date

Online ONLY - Take advantage of the renewal discount starting in mid-November

The renewal discount will apply to the 2021 season or multi-year passes priced below:

2021 Season Empire Pass $80.00(Expires 12/31/2021)
3-Year Empire Pass $205.00(Expires 12/31/2023)
5-Year Empire Pass $320.00(Expires 12/31/2025)

The renewal discount will be available all year long!

$15.00 discount11/17/20 - 12/31/20
$10.00 discount01/01/21 - 03/31/21
$5.00 discount04/01/21 - End of the season

Click here and follow the instructions to Renew My Pass!

Please refer to the Empire Pass Guidelines for Use and the Empire Pass Frequently Asked Questions for pass replacement, volume sales and other important information.

All Empire Pass card products are non-returnable and non-refundable after purchase

2021 Season Empire Pass

2021 Season Empire Pass: Available for $80, the 2021 Season Empire Pass is a wallet-sized card that can be shared within a household and not assigned to a specific vehicle.

The 2021 Season Empire Pass is accepted through December 31, 2021.

To purchase:

  • Online: Order Online            Renew My Pass Online
  • In-Person (1-Season Empire Pass only) The 1-Season Empire Pass may be purchased in person at most NYS Parks. You may call the park directly to confirm. Please note that renewals cannot be done in person, they must be purchased online.
  • By Phone: Due to the current COVID-19 public health crisis, our office hours are limited and return phone calls may be delayed. 518-474-0458. We appreciate your patience during this time.
  • Mail: Complete and mail an application with check or money order payable to "NYS Parks" to:
    Empire Pass
    New York State Parks
    Albany, NY 12238

Multi-Season Empire Pass

Frequent Empire Pass purchasers may be interested in a multi-season Empire Pass which can be bought online, by mail or telephone. A 3-Season Empire Pass may be purchased for $205; a 5-Season Empire Pass may be purchased for $320. Upon purchase you will be mailed an Empire Pass.

  • Online: Order Online            Renew My Pass Online
  • By Phone: Telephone orders using a credit card will be processed by calling 518-474-0458 during normal business hours.
  • Mail: Complete and mail an application with check or money order payable to "NYS Parks" to:
    Empire Pass
    New York State Parks
    Albany, NY 12238

Please note:: Empire Passes purchased by check will be processed after the check is cleared for sufficient funds. Please allow for a longer wait time for delivery. (2-3 weeks)

Lifetime Empire Pass

Empire Pass

For $750 you will receive an Empire Pass card that is good for life. With no expiration date, buy it once and enjoy the parks forever! The NYS Dept. of Motor Vehicles will also issue a reprint of your driver's license, learner's permit or non-driver ID card with the maple leaf icon showing your Lifetime membership to parks.

Note: Only the Empire Pass card is acceptable to waive the vehicle entrance fee. The online order confirmation is not acceptable for admission. The Lifetime Empire Pass is not refundable and not transferrable. If it is lost, there is a fee to replace it.

*** Please be sure you want to order the Lifetime Empire Pass. Due to the nature of this sale and the issuance of a new license, all sales are final.***

Show Off Your Pride: I Love NY Parks License Plates

Parks has teamed up with the NYS Dept. of Motor Vehicles to offer three beautiful "I love NY Parks" license plates that allow you to show off your pride and passion for state parks and the great outdoors. One set (front and back) of these license plates are available for purchase to Empire Pass holders. To learn more visit NYS Dept. of Motor Vehicles.

New York State DMV Adventure Plates

Donate Life Registry

Become an Organ Donor and you can save the lives of 8 people and enhance countless others through tissue donation. Learn more at DonateLife.NY

Need to Replace your Empire Pass?

Empire Pass Replacement:

If the Empire Pass is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, it is replaceable with a $17.00 fee payable by credit card, check, money order, or cash (in person only at most NYS Parks).

A replacement may be ordered over the phone, by mail or issued in person at the facility. All require the following:

  • A completed Empire Pass Replacement Request form or a letter requesting replacement and explaining the circumstances.
  • The damaged or destroyed pass or, if the pass was lost, verification of the original pass purchase.
  • NOTE: If in the event the original pass is found after the purchase of a replacement, we will not refund the replacement fee. The original pass will have been deactivated, and is no longer usable.

All Empire Pass card products are non-returnable and non-refundable after purchase.

For more information, contact 518-474-0458 during normal business hours or email