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The Snowmobile Trail Grant Program establishes a mechanism for allocating funds to local governmental sponsors that engage in the development and maintenance of snowmobile trails designated as part of the State Snowmobile Trail System. The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, through the Snowmobile Unit, administers this program. The authorization for the program is based in Article 27 of the NY Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Law.

In order to be eligible to receive funds, a complete application must be received by September 1st. with all required documentation as outlined in the grant application process. There can only be one application per sponsor, and it must include summary information for all trail maintenance entities/participants within their jurisdiction.

The annual funding is allocated to the local government sponsor on a pro-rated basis. The pro-rated amount is derived from the Phase II Application and is paid out with a 70% "Grant-In-Aid" followed by a 30% reimbursement to the municipality upon sufficient documentation of 100% of the awarded total costs (the Phase III, Post Project Submission Phase-must be submitted by May 31st). Failure to submit the supporting documentation may disqualify an applicant for current and future funding. For snowmobile club members looking to document phase III expenses, you can log into the Automated Trail Grant Program by going to and login with your username and password.

The total grant amounts are based on projected funds received from snowmobile registration fees. If the funds from registration fees do not meet total grant award projections, a percentage deduction will be levied equally among all grant recipients and will be reflected against the 30% payment.

No trail will be eligible for funding unless it has been previously designated by OPRHP as part of the State Snowmobile Trail System. Trails approved by OPRHP for funding are based on how they relate to the statewide snowmobile system. Construction and/or maintenance of trails must have obtained a local sponsor SEQRA determination and have the permission and approval of landowners, administering agencies of the state, or other municipal entities charged with management of impacted lands.

OPRHP will assign all trail classifications. Corridor and secondary route trail markers and other appurtenant snowmobile trail signs approved by OPRHP must be used on trails receiving state funds. Applicants and trail maintenance entities can obtain a copy of the OPRHP Trail Signing Guidelines by visiting the OPRHP website or by contacting the Snowmobile Unit at the address listed on the front cover. Placement of markers on Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) lands may only be made with the written approval of the DEC Regional Land Manager.

A corridor trail provides a link between communities and attractions. Secondary trails provide access to the corridor trail system. The secondary trails lead to and from parking areas, repair services, food, lodging, fuel, and telephone services and should include the ability to connect with emergency services (police, fire & medical services). Secondary trail location and enhancements of the corridor trail system determine trail-funding eligibility. Funds can only be expended on approved trails as determined by OPRHP.

Trail User Fee Statement: Trails upon which a local user fee is imposed will not be eligible for State Snowmobile Trail Program funding unless the Local Sponsor can document consistency with Section 25.09 of the Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Law and the rules and regulations adopted thereto. Non-discrimination and indemnification are addressed in the conditions of the grant.

General Information for Snowmobile Trail Grants

Grants Process

What are the different stages for securing funding of a State funded snowmobile trail?

There are Three phases for securing State funding of a snowmobile trail:

  • Trail System Approval Process (Phase I) - Prior Approval is required for applicants who did not submit a funded application during the previous project year, are requesting new trails be designated, or are applicants who intend to make any changes to trail miles or classification when compared to the prior year's application. These Local Sponsors must have the trails approved by OPRHP.

    The following three items must be included:

    • Trail Data - only GPS coverage will be accepted.
    • Justification - this narrative-type document that provides clear, concise and convincing reasons as to why this trail should be added to, reclassified or re-designated as part of the trail system. Justifications that are not clear concise or convincing will be rejected.
    • Priority Ranking - the Local Sponsor must prioritize each new trail and reroute in numerical order. The trail project with the highest priority should be ranked number one.

    Deadline for Submittal - June 1st

  • Application for Funding (Phase II) - An approved application is required for funding each year.

    Deadline For Submittal - September 1st

  • Post Project Submission (Phase III) - All attachment work sheets (forms A-G) and signed certification forms must be submitted to the NYS OPRHP/Snowmobile Unit. This phase accounts and documents that the funds awarded for trail maintenance and development were expended in accordance with the Rules, Regulations, Guidelines, and Laws governing the allocation of NYS funds to localities.

    Deadline For Submittal – May 31st

    Individuals with login access can enter their documentation into the Automated Trails Grant Program (ATGP)


Who may file an application? The Local Sponsor only as defined in the Glossary. Towns and Villages are only eligible to apply if the County does not participate.
Who signs the Application? The Authorized Official as defined in the Glossary.
Who will act as liaison with OPRHP? The Authorized Project Administrator, who should be an employee of the municipality.
When do I need to apply? The deadline for submitting applications to OPRHP is September 1st.
Can Local Sponsors set deadlines? Yes, OPRHP encourages Local Sponsors to provide themselves with sufficient time for review and resubmission of revised materials sent in by TMEs.

Snowmobile Unit

Primary function: Program Administration and Oversight

  • Maintain the Statewide Trail System
  • Approval of Funded Trails
  • Safety/Education
  • Law Enforcement Training
  • Special Event Permits
  • Grooming Training
  • Signage Program


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